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ConnectiCare Supports Connecticut State Medical Society-IPA, Inc. Doctors with New Technology

FARMINGTON, CT (June 29, 2016) – ConnectiCare, one of Connecticut’s leading health plans, is happy to announce an expanded partnership with the Connecticut State Medical Society-IPA, Inc. (CSMS-IPA) to deliver better quality and greater value health care to the people of Connecticut. Courtesy of ConnectiCare, approximately 2,500 primary care physicians of the CSMS-IPA will have access to the tools and clinical services of CareScreen® software, developed by Quality Health Ideas (QHI). The software will help doctors identify needed health screenings, coordinate care and improve patient health.

“I am excited about our expanded partnership with CSMS-IPA,” said Kathy Madden, Vice President, Delivery System Partnerships & Strategic Initiatives at ConnectiCare. “Patients want to know their health plan works with their doctor to improve their health. ConnectiCare’s support of this tool will assist physicians in identifying potential risks and making the decisions about what care is needed and when. ConnectiCare is offering tools to help CSMS-IPA physicians have better conversations and make more informed decisions with their patients.”

“It is rare to find such a direct alignment of incentives between the health insurance plan, doctors and patients, all aimed at better care,” said Ben Kraus, QHI’s President. “The skillsets of these three entities are unique, and will help define a new era of healthcare delivery that leverages timely data and clinical coordination to produce better outcomes for the people we serve.”

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with ConnectiCare. CSMS-IPA and ConnectiCare are working together to get patients the right care in the most cost effective way. The CareScreen® tools will help us close gaps in care and ultimately lower costs for our patients,” said Neysa Guerino, Executive Director, CSMS-IPA.