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Physician and Hospital Quality

Here you can compare quality-of-care information for hospitals in ConnectiCare's service area and find extensive information about state-licensed physicians.

Compare hospitals in Connecticut and around the United States using these two different tools:

Hospital Compare allows you to compare up to three hospitals at a time based on three categories: process of care, outcome of care, and survey of patients’ hospital experience. The tool is maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Hospital Performance Comparisons
is a report from the Connecticut Department of Public Health. It compares Connecticut hospitals based on 10 performance measures for care related to heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia.

Find extensive information about Connecticut-licensed physicians, compiled by the State of Connecticut eLicense Website. This website includes the physician’s education, medical training, any reported malpractice data, and more. You can even find providers who provide services via the Internet to their patients.

ConnectiCare is pleased to provide you with an opportunity to tell us about your doctor. As part of our commitment to quality, this survey will allow you to give us valuable feedback on how our participating doctors are providing care to their patients. [ more ]

Find out what you can do to get safer health care. [ more ]