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Set Up or Manage Mail Order

Your ConnectiCare drug benefit gives you the choice to use a local pharmacy or order your prescriptions by mail for home delivery from Express Scripts.

Mail order is a smart choice for you if you refill drugs every month and anticipate being on the same drug(s) for six months or more. Note, most Specialty Drugs are not available through Express Scripts Home Delivery and do not qualify for a 90 day supply. For more information on filling Specialty medications, visit the Specialty Drug page.

With mail order, you'll receive a 90-day supply of your drugs for the price of a 60-day supply. Here is an example: Barry went to the pharmacy every month and paid $42 for a 30-day supply of his drug. After he filled it three times, he spent $126, and after 12 fills, he spent $504.

The following year, Barry signed up for mail delivery of his drugs. He got a new supply every 90 days for $84. Over the year, he spent a total of $336.

Spending Costs Example

Filling your prescriptions by mail is safe, easy and less expensive than visiting your local pharmacy. Registered pharmacists check every order for accuracy and are available any time to answer your questions - just like your local pharmacy.

Get started on mail order today by creating an online account with Express Scripts.

Helpful hints about mail order